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  • Jeff Berezny

    Jeff Berezny

    Head of Growth & Design, Trōv
  • Igor Best-Devereux

    Igor Best-Devereux

    President and CEO, eReinsure, Inc.

  • Gabriel Halimi

    Gabriel Halimi

    Co-founder and CEO, Flo Technologies
  • Pascal Karsenti

    Pascal Karsenti

    Director, Research & Technology, Nephila Advisors LLC
  • Ryan Kottenstette

    Ryan Kottenstette

    CEO & Founder, Cape Analytics

  • Tom Link

    Tom Link

    Founder & CEO, SpatialKey
  • David Miles

    David Miles

    Managing Partner, ManchesterStory Group
  • Matt Miller

    Matt Miller

    CEO, Embroker

  • Chad Nitschke

    Chad Nitschke

    Co-Founder & CEO, Bunker
  • Martha Notaras

    Martha Notaras

    Partner, XL Innovate

  • Sofya Pogreb

    Sofya Pogreb

    COO, Next Insurance
  • Robert Reville

    Robert Reville

    President & CEO, Praedicat

  • Ted Stuckey

    Ted Stuckey

    Head of Global Innovation Lab, QBE Insurance Group Limited
  • Assaf Wand

    Assaf Wand

    CEO & Co-Founder, Hippo Insurance
  • Zinovia Wendlandt

    Zinovia Wendlandt

    Partner Engagement Manager, Munich Re Digital Partners US